Are you ready to embark on a new and amazing adventure?

Do you have what it takes to survive in the rugged Elyrian Frontier? The Noore does! - we make our home in the frontline Duchy of Bloodoak.

The Noore and the Duchy of Bloodoak is NOT a group of ‘like-minded individuals’ it is a VERY diverse community of groups and individuals - how diversity is embraced is the difference between strong communities and weak ones.
We are a meritocracy that strongly believes in helping people fulfill their goals, be that becoming a skilled craftsman or soldier, advisor, or even our next Duke!
What Biome are we going to be playing in? - that is the million dollar question that everybody asks, but until land selection, nobody can truthfully answer.
Awesome! Love that you guys are about and I want to become an active and contributing member of this community - What do I do next?.